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Animals in Crisis


Animal bereavement web based support is managed by Inga Voit DPBC. I hold a diploma in companion animal bereavement counselling, diploma in counselling and a qualification in death, dying and bereavement (human) at degree level. I also volunteer at a local animal rescue centre. More importantly, I love animals and know personally of the pain that pet loss brings. My passion for campaigning for higher animal welfare standards plays a fundamental part of my life. Quite simply, animals have made me the person I am today.

I am happy to work with veterinary practices and animal welfare organisations by supporting and developing their individual pet bereavement policies.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Britain faces an epidemic of unwanted, unloved, abused, neglected and homeless animals. With many rescue centres now filled to capacity, animals are being euthanized daily as there is simply nowhere for them to go. Rescue centres are struggling to cope with ever increasing demands on their services and rapidly dwindling funds. Volunteers up and down the country are working hard - often trying to eradicate the damage inflicted on our beautiful sentient animal friends by the thoughtlessness, cruelty and callousness of man. No Government aid is available.

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