Welcome to Animal Bereavement Support

Losing a beautiful cherished animal friend can be devastating.
We mourn and grieve because we love.
One does not exist without the other.
When our animal companion dies and returns to the earth, our love still continues.
Our grief honours the life we shared together.
Grief is distressing, debilitating and isolating.
It is entirely natural and unique to the bereaved.

Bereavement Factsheets

For pet bereavement support, please download the following factsheets or email me for a free copy:-

Animals in Crisis

Waiting for Albi

Hugmund the cat is very old and has a bad cold. The time has now come for him to leave his home forever.

A friendly stranger is outside in the snow, waiting to take Hugmund on a new adventure. But who is it? A gentle tale for children 5-8 years dealing with pet bereavement.

Waiting for Albi is available from Amazon (as a Kindle edition)